This information will give you an idea about ordering .

This price list is current throughout the year 2021. 

My experience with drawing Pet Portrait, taught me how to meet the wishes and requirements of my clients , that I could realize their expectations in 100%.  
   To draw a portrait , I need a really good quality pictures. It is the most important because I work with picture and   the final effect depends on  picture quality . The better picture , the more details is captured in  portrait and your beloved looks more realistic .     A selection of photos can be useful so that I can get some insight into your animal’s personality. If you are not sure if your photos are suitable, send them to me and I will be able to tell you if I can use them for your portrait. 

 I retain the rights to refuse to take on any commission if I feel the photographs provided are not of sufficient quality.
In order for you to participate in the process of creating a portrait, I will contact you and inform you about the beginning of the work. I will send photos with  progress of my work so that you can watch how your pet comes alive on paper.
It is also important to take into account the period of Christmas . I'm very busy during this time, so please think about enough before ordering.

 The cost of Pet Portrait is depend on size , it will drawn just head/chest or full body , number of subject and background. When you decided what kind of portrait you prefer , please don`t hesitate to contact me .We will be able to discuss the details of the order.


  If you don’t find the exact size you are looking for, please do make contact. I will always do my best to 

accommodate my customers’ wishes.

If you are unsure about what size would work best for your commission piece, I encourage you to 

get in touch too. I can guide and advise you, even if you are not ready to order your commission yet.

The table below will give you an idea of prices :

Pastel  Portrait

Approx  Size Paper                                            1 pet       2 pets     3 pets

A4 (20x30cm / 8x12")    or 25cm / 10" Square       €160    €230         ---

A3 (30x40cm / 12x16")   or 35cm / 14" Square       €250     €320      €410

A2 (40x60cm / 16x24")  or 50cm / 20" Square      €380     €470     €560

 A  (50x70cm / 19,6x27,5")                                 €460     €550     €640

Prices for head/neck portrait only

Please NOTE

For 12x16" (A3) or larger :

extra amounts may be charged for full body,  detailed background, any additional pets or pieces 


Pastel portrait are drawn on  Pastelmat Clairefontaine with toned colors that are selected according to the color of the Pet Portrait


 All prices are given without frame and exclude shipping.

For registered package I will charge additionally :  

                                                                                  Europe - € 15 up to size 12x16"

                                                                                  €20  larger size or more  than one portrait 

                                                                                    World -  on request


Pet Portraits are sent Priority Mail and Insured .

For commission , I charge 50% of deposit and €50 is a non-returnable deposit to secure your portrait on my client waiting list. One week before I commence work on your portrait I will ask you to pay the balance. 


 Please read my Terms and Conditions 

Payment can be simply made by PayPal . I send you a PayPal money request by email ( you don`t need to registered to PayPal )   or a link for payment by PayPal ( so easy way to pay ) . You need just Credit Card .

Credit Card information  is NOT sent. 

As soon as I have received your photos and payment of deposit  , I`ll give you an estimated completion date.

Please be sure, I have a waiting list and drawing the portrait is a a few/several months .

I`ll always try to give the best approximate completion date of the portrait. , but let me know if you need it sooner and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries, I’m more than happy to help.

Payment of import duty may be liable in some countries, which is the sole responsibility of the client.


I retain the copyright to all works commissioned by the client. No artwork may be reproduced or altered without my written consent. 
Your artwork may be used for display or promotional purposes.

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